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A4 Mothers Sense 2013-01

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Maximum Elasticity…


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Africology’s Water Project in South Africa

Ngrove Water Project/ Mr Brown

The Ngrove Water Project is an attempt to help villages access water, a basic human right. With spas being privileged enough to have almost unlimited running water, it is only fair to give back to communities who have to walk many miles to collect only as much as they can carry.

Mr Brown is a very special elder; he has the most beautiful soul and spirit.

Many of his sons passed away and now he has to care and provide for his wives and children on his meager pension money.

He is however VERY skilled. He does agricultural land, carving, and produces all kinds of implements and decorative sticks and our Africology Intonga Amasatchi massage sticks!  He is very active and does not like to sit and ponder. Water at his village would change not only his and his wives and children’s life, but also of so many other people and dependents.

You can also help! If you are interested in helping please email us

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Africology Skin Care Products

Africology skin care products have been developed to revitalize the skin, to prevent damage done to the skin by free-radicals, stress and the harsh climate.

Africology makes use of the healing essences of some of South Africa’s indigenous plants. The active ingredients in our skin care products are valuable in the repair process and assist with the restoration of damaged skin tissue. You can never be too young to start this preventative process.

While our physical bodies will eventually age, we can slow the process down in a powerful way. Derma cosmetics focus on the dermis, protecting it from water loss and damage from free radicals. The use of energy in daily practice helps restore damage to each and every cell in our bodies, working from the inside out.

A positive inner world creates an ageless being. With every thought, sensation and feeling you have, your nervous system undergoes subtle shifts in physiology, generating chemical messages that regulate your body. These bio-chemical communicators continuously mould the molecules that comprise your cells, tissues and organs.

Africology – Kind to you, kind to the world: 100% Natural Essential Oils, Natural Plant Extracts, Eco Friendly.

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Africology USA is now accepting phone orders. Please call 573 826 9577.

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2 Years in a row!

Here at Africology we are overcome by excitement to announce that for the
second year in a row our products have been placed at the top of the league at the ‘2011 Fairlady Best Of Beauty Awards’.

With well over 350 beauty products from around the world entering this year
the competition has been regarded as a consumer reflection of what is
most desirable, beneficial and outright luxurious.

Held at the Turbine Hall in Johannesburg and hosted by Jo-Ann Strauss the
evening was one adorned with breathtaking couture and gorgeous
beauty leaders all waiting anxiously to hear the results.

Africology was one of the only brands to have five different products in the finals for
various categories such as anti-ageing, best men’s and even best South African product of the year.


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