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Africology Amenities Strategy

Travellers are becoming more and more informed when it comes to ingredients and beauty trends, and it is imperative for a hotel to offer their clients an amenities range that is both green and luxurious. Our amenities range can be likened to a spa treatment in the room, and goes beyond simple amenities. It becomes a highlight of the stay, and remains with the guest long after their visit, reflecting well on the hotel and marking it as a thoughtful and well-appointed establishment.

Our range was developed to meet a growing demand from spas that stocked us and who were part of an hotel establishment. We used our knowledge of spa-quality ingredients and treatments and created an amenities range that is the only one of its kind in South Africa. We offer the best chemical-free, dermatologically-tested and EU-certified products for hotel and spa usage in South Africa.

The Africology amenities range is designed to support the spa range as well as the retail line, creating awareness and desire for both the hotel’s spa and the room in general.

Should your hotel have a spa, it is a fantastic way to create awareness for the spa, as the client experiences the product in the room and then desires a full treatment. With the spa getting increased exposure and more bookings, the amenities range pays for itself. For hotels that do not have spas, the Africology amenities range adds to the prestige and desirability of the hotel through adding beautiful, deluxe detail to the room.

Hotel Testimonials

Hi Renchia
Just wanted to say …. Africology just so beautiful at Jao.
Spent 3 weeks installing and opening. They love it so much. Fantastic response from everyone……. congratulations on a fantastic special range …….. the New Yorkers want it in New York …. had 3 high fliers who came together ….. hectic clients as only they can be and we wowed them over with Africology …. the one said it was the best wrap she had ever had …… loved all the special touches. Your massages as well are so amazing. A lot of them saying best massage ever …. Americans, French, Swiss etc.
Thanks so much. Will be in touch soon.
x Sherie


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