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The Essence of Holistic Skin Care

Inner Beauty: the confidence that makes a person feel comfortable in their own skin.

Natural Healing uses many different modalities apart from aromatherapy, herbal extracts, massage and mind-body techniques, to transform how you look and feel from the inside. Africology’s trained therapists use energy massage techniques in body treatments, and on a personal level YOU can start to use energy in daily rituals yourself.

Using plants that have high energy levels and are congruent in the energy levels of the skin, produce superior results and lead to better levels of energy and balance. However, this balance should also be sought in one’s external environment.

Do No Harm Honour all living things; support trade that uplifts communities; replace what’s used from mother earth, show gratitude towards nature.

You Can Change the world you live in when you care for it and understand its lessons.

By maintaining balance in your life, you will automatically feel more empowered on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Mind your perceptions: are they your truth? Or someone else’s?

You can influence your health and well-being through the choices you make.

Your attention and interpretations create what you see and ultimately determine what you believe.

Responsibility You are not only responsible for the choices you make, but also towards the world you live in.

Change starts with one person.

Social development is also a wonderful area to grow in and find both joy and purpose.

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