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How we formulate

Where possible we use only organic ingredients. Our products are free of toxic chemicals, including dangerous preservatives. Our focus is on capturing the intelligence of nature in the restorative process. Knowing that the essence of nature can synergistically interact with your energy system forms the basis of our creations.

We do believe in responsible formulating practices, and therefore we use safe, natural preservatives. We simply cannot use parabens to preserve our natural plant extracts: it is pointless to damage living essences with chemicals.

We prefer to use plant oils for their restorative properties instead of petrolatum, which can be harmful to nutrients that feed and regulate the function of the skin. Our oils act as a barrier preventing or minimising water loss.

Allow a short period of adjustment to enable our plant oils to compensate for deconditioning of the skin caused by unnatural treatment.

A positive mind, good rest, and a balanced diet are the essential steps towards a youthful appearance.

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