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Facial Therapy

All of our skincare treatments focus on destressing, anti-aging, cell renewal care. Rich in natural oils, vitamins and minerals, our velvet-textured treatments nourish the skin to restore elasticity and softness, stimulating cell growth naturally and promoting a healthy glow, establishing that ‘Africology Radiance’.

Our therapeutic skincare treatments draw you into a space filled with aromas from the cleanest, purest essential oils. The skin is warmed gently with healing compresses and circulation is encouraged through deeply relaxing holistic and lymph massage techniques.

Ω   African Goddess Anti-aging Skincare®

Treatment Length: 90 mins

This destressing, anti-ageing cell renewal care is rich in natural oils, and its luxuriant treatment lubricates the skin to restore elasticity and softness, combat aging and promote a healthy glow. Our combination of antioxidant ingredients was carefully selected to stimulate new cell growth and to keep skin healthy, lubricated and elastic, making it less prone to wrinkles. Formulated with a cocktail of natural anti-oxidants and fragranced with pure oils. A therapeutic journey starts with a warm neck and shoulder massage. We use a traditional oil blend, followed by cleansing, exfoliation, mask, and nourishment. A sensory treatment so luxurious, so velvety, you will want to be treated like a Goddess every day.

Ω   Balancing Rose Facial®

Treatment Length: 75 mins

Rosehip oil is steeped in history and always associated with heart and soul. Our beautiful blend of Rose Absolute is known to balance the skin and emotions in times of change or upset, and reduce fine lines and redness. This fragrant, rejuvenating facial has a high vitamin C content which is also great for sensitive skins and even mild dermatitis, leaving you physically and emotionally balanced. Metaphysically, this facial helps to balance feelings of sadness, rejection or fear.

Ω   Vitamin Boost Facial®

Treatment Length: 75 mins

This uplifting facial uses a rich vitamin and mineral cocktail to replenish the skin, boost your immune system and energise the skin.  Great for tired, stressed or run-down skin, leaving you revitalised.

Ω   Balancing & Refining Facial®

Treatment Length: 75 mins

For a non-reactive, calmer skin this facial helps to brighten your complexion with a combination of antioxidants and vitamin complexes. You will recognise fresh lemon and Rosemary with their promise of a clearer, brighter result. Working in concert to clear clogged pores and encourage the production of elastin to refine and retexture uneven skin, our ingredients work in a beautiful synergy. By not stripping the skin of excessive oil, we treat it to allow time for the skin to balance itself naturally, making this facial safe for the most sensitive or reactive skin.

Ω   Aloe Ferox Soothing Facial – anti-aging®

Treatment Length: 75 mins

For youthful, resilient and buoyant skin Aloe helps to calm, lift and firm naturally by encouraging fibroblast growth and repair. Blended with a potent combination of healing honey, tripeptides and retinal palmitate to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, it creates a rejuvenating, youthful appearance.

Ω   Anti-oxidant Rejuvenating Facial – anti-aging®

Treatment Length: 75 mins

This wonderfully hydrating, anti-aging facial uses a layering process for a more youthful, radiant complexion. Combating free radicals and boosting collagen production, it has an immediate toning and smoothing effect on the skin, plumping fine lines and reducing pigmentation and inflammation with Vitamin C. This effective skincare routine helps combat aging naturally with a revitalising cocktail delivered into the skin with a therapeutic massage.

All treatments are the registered property of Africology and may only be used by Africology-affliated spas.

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